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19.04.2018 - Horizon line
• Added horizon line. Displays on the map the farthest place you can see.

14.04.2018 - Added records of high-rise buildings to a database of points
• Added location records - chimneys higher than 50 m (1400) for the Czech Republic. Data obtained from the chimney database koda.kominari.cz
• Added location records - radio and television transmitters (130) for the Czech Republic. Data obtained from the transmitter database www.lupa.cz/vysilace
• Added location records - water towers (350) for the Czech Republic. Data obtained from the database www.vodarenskeveze.cz
• Reworked algorithm for data acquisition of points elevation.

9.03.2017 - Retrieving data from Peakery.com
• Ability to import peaks from database of the web site dealing with climbing - Peakery.com
• Imported about 3000 peaks for Turkey (data from the server Peakery.com).

14.02.2017 - Saving the calculated viewpoints
• Registered users can save the calculated panoramic views on the server. Saved panoramas are displayed instantly (no re-calculation) and can be inserted into other websites (embedding).
• New menu item "Viewpoints" shows stored panoramic views on a map and allows you to search by name.

11.01.2017 - Print Settings
• Added calculator recommended image size, font and line thickness based on the print size requirement in mm.

19.08.2016 - Search of places
• Added search box for finding of places using Google Maps Places. It allows you to quickly and easily find a place for the calculation of panoramic view by its name.
• Added elevation data acquisition from multiple sources for faster rendering.

26.07.2016 - Manual panoramic view editation
• Added manual removal possibility of peaks from the panoramic view for greater clarity.

16.03.2016 - Added gallery
• Added display locations on the map, for which was created recently a panoramic view.
• Added page with a gallery of panoramic photographs with added descriptions of the individual peaks.

24.02.2016 - Multi language support
• Web site translation to the languages: English, Czech.

27.01.2016 - Direct connection to the Open Street Map database
• Worldwide coverage by connection to the Open Street Map database.
• Possibility adding points from internal database.
• Duplicate check between internal database and OSM database.

21.01.2016 - Adding points to the peaks database
• Added Czech Republic and Slovakia hills from the Open Street Maps database. About 32 000 points in total.

Current coverage map

• Added panoramic view rendering settings:
º Manual GPS coordinates input.
º Displaying of peaks table, including export to the CSV file.
º Displaing of points of interest POI (cities, castles and natural attractions), visible from distance.
ºChoosing a fixed or variable-width rendering window. Fixed width renders the view of the width of your browser window. Variable width sets the width   of the rendering the window, depending on your angle of view.
º View converting into a rendered image with PNG format for easy printing.
º Setting of the viewing angle for Y-axis
º Setting the width and height of the plot window.
º Import and export points to a KML file.
• Added maps for manual points insertion: Open Street Map, Seznam Mapy.cz, Topo Maps.

21.10.2015 - Web site start
• Added user interface.
• Placement on a separate domain.
• The database contains 3000 peaks and points of interest.

Current coverage map